Executive and Non-Executive Directors


Board Directors play a pivotal role in delivering corporate governance and developing the organisation’s overall strategy. They make decisions on major company issues including the appointment and termination of the Chief Executive, and set policies for managing risk, remuneration, financial reporting, disclosure, HR and other key issues.

There are two main types of directors – Non-Executive Directors who are not employed by the organisation in an executive capacity, and Executive Directors who are employees of the company as well as being a member of the Board. All directors, whether executive or non-executive, must comply with basic legal requirements under the Corporations Act 2001.

Typical duties of boards of directors include:

  • Governing the organisation by establishing policies and strategic objectives
  • Appointing, supporting and reviewing the performance of the Chief Executive
  • Ensuring the availability of adequate financial resources
  • Approving annual budgets
  • Reporting organisational performance to shareholders

Globally, gender balance still seems to be a major issue within the executive roles of organisations. Despite a significant increase in the number of women on boards between 2010 and 2013, only 20 per cent of board positions in Australia’s top 200 companies are currently occupied by women, with 30 ASX 200 companies still without any female directors.

HMC has conducted the following assignments for Directors:

  • Non-Executive Director – Metallica Minerals
  • Non-Executive Director – New Guinea Energy
  • Non-Executive Director – QC Resource Investments
  • Non-Executive Director – Australian Freight
  • Non-Executive Director – Aviation Australia
  • Non-Executive Director – Family Care Medical Services
  • Executive Director – Brisbane Visitors and Convention Bureau
  • Executive Director – Brisbane City Council, Council of Mayors
  • Executive Director – City of Brisbane Arts and Environment
  • Director of External Relations – Griffith University
  • Director/Finance & Administration – Robina Land Corporation
  • Director Music & Performing Arts – Central Queensland University
  • Director Office of External Relations – Griffith University
  • Director, Public Programs – State Library of Queensland
  • Foundation Director – State Library of Queensland
  • Artistic Director – Queensland Theatre Company
  • Artistic Director – Queensland Music Festival