Chief Executives and Managing Directors


Chief Executive Officers serve as companies’ strategists and innovators, and set the tone for a company’s image, management and operations, with the implementation of objectives left to senior management. Conversely, Managing Directors act like CEOs, but operate in the two-tiered corporate board setup where they also hold a position on the organisation’s Board of Directors as well.

Within large organisations, CEOs and Managing Directors may function more like strategists, with other senior executives responsible for implementing plans. However, within small and medium sized business they play a multi-disciplinary role overseeing financial controls, procurement, recruitment and the operational performance of employees. In all organisations, CEOs and Managing Directors are ultimately responsible for ensuring the business strategy is executed on time and on budget to fulfil the organisation’s financial goals.

Australian CEOs are more optimistic about growth than international counterparts, despite concerns about over-regulation and the Government’s response to Australia’s fiscal deficit. Domestically, CEOs are looking at joint-ventures, partnerships, and technology as both sources of growth and competitive threats.

HMC assignments for Chief Executives and Managing Directors have included:

  • Chief Executive – Ergon Energy
  • Chief Executive – Powerlink
  • Chief Executive – Stanwell Corporation
  • Chief Executive – Golden Circle
  • Chief Executive – Buderim Ginger
  • Chief Executive – Metallica Minerals
  • Chief Executive – New Guinea Energy
  • Chief Executive – Port of Brisbane Corporation
  • Chief Executive – Residential Tenancies Authority
  • Chief Executive – Screen Queensland
  • Chief Executive – Healthy Waterways
  • Chief Executive – El Misti Gold
  • Chief Executive – Heritage Building Society
  • Chief Executive – Australian Institute of Management
  • Chief Executive – Masonic Care Queensland
  • Chief Executive – Asthma Foundation
  • Chief Executive – Australian Red Cross
  • Chief Executive – Haematology and Oncology Clinics Australasia
  • Chief Executive – Royal Brisbane Hospital Research Foundation
  • Chief Executive – The Queensland Orchestra
  • Chief Executive – Queensland Theatre Company
  • Chief Executive – Queensland Music Festival
  • Chief Executive – Redland Shire Council
  • Chief Executive – Queensland Competition Authority
  • Chief Executive – Queensland Confederation of Industry
  • Chief Executive – Royal National Association
  • Chief Executive – Centrogen
  • Chief Executive, Dublin – Allied Queensland Coalfields
  • Chief Executive, Kings College – University of Queensland
  • Chief Executive, St John’s College – University of Queensland
  • Chief Executive, St Leo’s College – University of Queensland
  • Chief Executive, Cromwell College – University of Queensland
  • Chief Executive, Women’s College – University of Queensland
  • Chief Executive, Dunmore Lang College – Macquarie University
  • Managing Director – Plant Location International