Operations and Manufacturing

operations-and-manufacturing Manufacturing is a large, diverse profession within the global economy, encompassing a wide variety of specialisations, including the production of machinery and equipment, food and beverages, chemical and pharmaceutical production, paper and packaging products, building materials and the automotive industry. Although the manufacturing profession has a relatively low concentration of employees with university degrees, there is an increasing demand for candidates with a trade, engineering or IT background, particularly for managerial roles.

HMC search and selection assignments for operations and manufacturing professionals have included:

  • Assembly Plant Manager – Initiating Explosives Systems
  • Factory Manager – Colgate Palmolive
  • General Manager, Manufacturing – Alan Lamb Pty Ltd
  • General Manager, Operations – Bow Energy
  • General Manager, Operations – GEC Alsthom
  • General Manager, Project Development – Weda Bay Minerals
  • Manufacturing Manager – Queensland Rubber
  • Mine Manager – Arco Coal
  • Mine Manager – MIM Holdings
  • Mine Superintendant – Allied Queensland Coalfields
  • Operations Manager – Riverside Coal Transport
  • Production Manager – Initiating Explosives Systems
  • Project Manager – Port of Brisbane
  • Project Manager – Initiating Explosives Systems