Banking and Finance


With one of the world’s lowest financial risk factors and the fourth highest ranked regulatory system, Australia’s sophisticated banking and finance sector has significant depth, with assets in excess of $6.4 trillion – more than four times the national GDP.

Over the past two decades, the industry has experience strong growth at 10 per cent per annum, making it Australia’s largest contributor to Gross Value Added and one of its highest growth sectors.

In 2014 alone, Australia’s big four banks announced a combined annual profit of $28.6 billion. In future, the rise of mobile technology and digital solutions will open opportunities for financial services business to redefine how consumers interact and manage their money.

HMC assignments in the banking and finance sector have included:

  • Chief Executive – Heritage Building Society
  • Client Manager – ANZ Private Bank
  • Corporate Banking Executive – Hong Kong Bank
  • Corporate Finance Executive – Wilson HTM
  • Credit Controller – Railways Credit Union
  • Director – ANZ Private Bank
  • Finance Manager – Railways Credit Union
  • Financial Controller – DDH Graham Ltd
  • General Manager – Wilson HTM
  • General Manager – Whittaker Macnaught
  • General Manager, Money Market – DDH Graham Ltd
  • Institutional Dealer – Wilson HTM
  • Internal Audit Manager – Heritage Building Society
  • Internal Auditor – Perpetual Trustees
  • Manager Finance and Administration – Heritage Building Society
  • Manager, Personnel – Suncorp
  • Marketing Executive – Leasepac
  • Operations Manager – Macquarie Bank
  • Private Client Advisor – Deutshe Morgan Grenfell
  • Private Client Advisor – Perpetual Trustees
  • Private Client Advisers – RBS Morgans
  • Property Investments Manager – Queensland Treasury Corporation
  • Regional Manager – Perpetual Trustees
  • Retail Banker – Suncorp
  • Seats Operator – Wilson HTM
  • State Manager, Corporate Services – Perpetual Trustees