Construction and Infrastructure


The global construction and infrastructure industry represents 13 per cent of global GDP, with the industry’s ongoing growth expected to reach $12 trillion by the year 2020. Construction and infrastructure is the fourth largest contributor to the Australian economy, with around 200,000 businesses representing 20 per cent of the total number of companies in Australia.

Employing more than nine per cent of Australia’s workforce, demand for residential, non-residential and engineering construction and infrastructure is increasing, driven by economic factors including population growth and consumer confidence, changes in interest rates and inflation.

Over the next year, estimates indicate revenue for the industry will increase by around 2.1 per cent, or $28.5 billion, with the primary focus on the residential building component of construction, highlighting low levels of housing availability and affordability in Australia’s major cities.

HMC assignments in the construction and infrastructure sector have included:

  • Business Development Manager – Transfield Construction Qld
  • Civil Engineer – Robina Land Corporation
  • Construction Manager – Dixon Homes
  • Divisional Engineer – Australian Cement and Concrete Association
  • Divisional Manager – Australian Cement and Concrete Association
  • Manager, Construction Services – Robina Land Corporation
  • Manager, Brisbane Construction – J.M. Kelly Group
  • Project Manager – Neumann Contractors
  • Sales Manager – ATCO Structures
  • Sales Manager – Ausco Structures