Ranked within the top 20 education systems in the world, Australia has more than 9,500 schools employing more than 250,000 people. The education and training industry is projected to grow by 13 per cent over the next three years, generating 58,900 new jobs.

Population growth within Australia is higher now and is putting pressure on Australia’s education system, leading to increased opportunities within the sector to support 3.5 million students annually.

Ranked as the third most popular international student destination, Australia’s international tertiary education industry is forecast to grow by 30 per cent to more than 520,000 students, spending $19 billion to study at Australian universities by 2020.

HMC assignments in the education sector have included:

  • Associate Director – South Bank Institute of TAFE
  • Chief Executive, Kings College – University of Queensland
  • Chief Executive, St John’s College – University of Queensland
  • Chief Executive, St Leo’s College – University of Queensland
  • Chief Executive, Cromwell College – University of Queensland
  • Chief Executive, Women’s College – University of Queensland
  • Chief Executive, Dunmore Lang College – Macquarie University
  • Director of Advancement, King’s College – University of Queensland
  • Director of External Relations – Griffith University
  • Director, Music & Performing Arts – Central Queensland University
  • Executive General Manager – Australian Institute of Management
  • Executive Assistant – Gymboree
  • Fundraising Officer – University of Queensland
  • General Manager – University of Queensland Press
  • General Manager, Education & Development – Australian Institute of Management
  • Human Resources Director – University of Queensland
  • Human Resources Manager – Brisbane Boys College 
  • Marketing Director – Bond University
  • Marketing Manager – Griffith University
  • Marketing & Development Manager – University of Queensland
  • Manager, Griffith University Fund – Griffith University
  • Program Officer – The Association of Independent Schools of Queensland