The Australian public sector employs more than 1.9 million Australians across Local, State and Federal Government, with the largest employment base in public administration and safety, education and training and health care and social assistance.

As Australia’s largest employer, recent budgetary pressures have led to a contraction in employees as State and Federal Government look to increase productivity and reduce operational and wage expenditure on public service employees.

Given the nature of the industry, political decision-making, elections and policy changes drive opportunities within Government, however, the budget deficit generates some level of uncertainty around future growth areas.

HMC assignments in the government sector have included:

  • Chief Executive – Ergon Energy
  • Chief Executive – Powerlink
  • Chief Executive – Stanwell Corporation
  • Chief Executive – Redland Shire Council
  • Chief Executive – Residential Tenancies Authority
  • Chief Executive – Screen Queensland
  • Chief Executive – Queensland Competition Authority
  • Chief Executive – Queensland Confederation of Industry
  • Corporate Services Director – Redland Shire Council
  • Deputy Director General – Queensland Department of Environment
  • Director of Public Programs – State Library of Queensland
  • Executive Director – Council of Mayors
  • Executive Director – Brisbane Visitors and Convention Bureau
  • Executive Director – City of Brisbane Arts & Environment
  • Enterprise Commissioner – Queensland Department of Training & Industrial Relations
  • Foundation Director – State Library of Queensland
  • International Relations Manager, Lord Mayor’s Office – Brisbane City Council
  • Manager Administration, Lord Mayor’s Office – Brisbane City Council
  • Manager, Communications – Screen Queensland
  • Manager, Marketing & Communication – Brisbane City Council
  • Media Policy Advisor – Brisbane City Council
  • Property Development Manager – Southbank Corporation
  • Property Investments Manager – Queensland Treasury Corporation
  • Personnel Officer – Queensland Treasury Corporation
  • Project Officer – Council of Mayors
  • Brisbane City Council Education Manager – Council of Mayors
  • Senior Officer, Lord Mayor’s Office – Brisbane City Council
  • Strategic Management/Project Development – Queensland Premiers Department
  • Solicitor for Prosecutions – Queensland Department of the Attorney General