The World Health Organisation ranks Australia’s healthcare system as the 32nd most effective in the world. The demand for healthcare and medical is being boosted across the country as a result of the ageing population and advancement of medical treatment technologies.

Over the next few years, the healthcare and medical industry will see job numbers grow 16.3 per cent, particularly in private health care, and natural and complementary medicine.

With more than 13 million Australians taking responsibility for their own health care by having private health cover, health funds are expected to inject an additional $1.4 billion into the health care system, bringing total expenditure on private health treatments to more than $18 billion.

Forecasts show that Australia will face a shortfall of medical professionals in the next decade, however, the trend towards more specialised nursing will continue to grow, as experienced nurses’ approach retirement age and technology makes its mark on the sector.

HMC assignments in the health sector have included:

  • Chief Executive – Asthma Foundation of Queensland
  • Chief Executive – Australian Red Cross
  • Chief Executive – Royal Brisbane Hospital Research Foundation
  • Chief Executive – Haematology & Oncology Clinics of Australia
  • Chief Financial Officer – Family Care Medical Services
  • Art Union Manager – Asthma Foundation of Queensland
  • Finance Manager – Asthma Foundation of Queensland
  • Finance/Administration Manager – Pioneer Private Hospital
  • Fundraising Director – Queensland Cancer Fund
  • Fundraising Officer – Royal Brisbane Hospital Research Foundation
  • GP Representative – Bayer Australia
  • Manager, Human Services – Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • Non-Executive Director – Family Care Medical Services
  • Operations Manager – MBF
  • Operations Manager – Family Care Medical Services
  • Personnel Manager – MBF
  • State Manager NSW – Family Care Medical Services
  • Scientific Manager – Mater Medical Research Institute
  • Sales Representatives (Adelaide, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane) – Healthworld
  • Territory Manager – Amrad