Wholesale and Manufacturing


Australia is currently the 20th largest exporter in the world, reaping $250 billion annually from selling various manufactured and wholesale goods to foreign markets. Over the past 20 years, Australia’s wholesale and manufacturing industry has been in a state of steady decline as the national economy transitions from a manufacturing base to an economy driven by services and mining.

Employing 930,000 people across the country, Australia’s wholesale and manufacturing industry saw a contraction in the level of manufacturing production during to global financial crisis, however the industry’s contribution to the economy is steady.

Despite a decline in furniture manufacturing and printing, the industry has seen an increase in capital expenditure in polymer and rubber product manufacturing, textile, leather, clothing and footwear manufacturing and food product manufacturing.

HMC assignments in the wholesale and manufacturing sector have included:

  • Account Executive – Meadow Lea
  • Chief Executive – Golden Circle
  • Chief Executive – Buderim Ginger Limited
  • Engineering Manager – Smiths Snackfood Company
  • Employee Relations Manager – Coca-Cola Bottlers
  • Financial Controller – Paper Converting Company
  • General Manager, Manufacturing – Alan Lamb Pty Ltd
  • General Manager – Leutenegger
  • General Manager, Sales – Golden Circle
  • General Manager, OJC – Golden Circle
  • Human Resources Manager – Smiths Snackfood Company
  • Human Resources Manager – Crest Electronics
  • Manufacturing Manager – Queensland Rubber Company
  • Process Engineer – Meadow Lea
  • Personal Assistant – Colgate Palmolive
  • Quality Assurance Manager – Colgate Palmolive
  • Sales Executive – Garstone Design Furniture
  • State Sales Manager – Paper Converting Company
  • Training Manager – Colgate Palmolive