Executive Search


HMC has developed a high level of expertise in the execution of comprehensive and professional search strategies to discover individuals who are unlikely to be sourced with more traditional recruitment approaches.

A confidential, discreet and thorough approach will identify, attract and assess high calibre individuals whose qualifications, capabilities and experience match exactly the requirements of the particular position, and who are likely to engage with the organisation’s culture. Suitable candidates will be considered from all relevant industry sectors, and include those both interstate and internationally as required.

Executive Search has consistently produced outstanding results, and even when the position is also advertised, most candidates shortlisted by HMC have come from the search process.

There are many benefits that are shared with advertised selection, but the search method has some unique aspects:

  • It is highly confidential and very discreet
  • It identified potential candidates who would not respond to an advertisement
  • It enables professional approaches to potential candidates that would be difficult to achieve directly
  • It is an active, not passive approach
  • It consistently produces a high calibre of short listed candidates
  • It enables internal and external candidates to be discreetly compared