Targeted Search


For many positions, not just executives and directors, it is likely that the best people are not actively looking for new opportunities. They are most probably busy, engaged, successful and employed, and have not updated their resume, nor had a job interview in many years.

They are unlikely to be receptive to advertising or non-personal campaigns, and probably not registered with, known by, or “on the books” of recruitment consultants and agencies.

If it is important that you find the best person for the job, regardless of the role type or level, a professional search approach may be essential, sometimes in addition to advertising where appropriate.

Too often the recruitment of important positions only considers active jobseekers (i.e. those who respond to an advertisement, or those referred by recruiters). Of course, there may be some good candidates who happen to be seeking a new job at the time you advertise, however for vital positions, the best job seekers (and any internal candidates) should be benchmarked against the best of those who are not looking.

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