Terminations, redundancies and exit interviews


Terminations and redundancies can be a difficult time for organisations to manage internally due to personal bias, business relationships and the level of documentation required. Importantly, ceasing an employee’s relationship with your business must be handled with care and managed appropriately to ensure:

  • The termination / redundancy is lawful
  • Written advice is provided to the employee
  • Notice periods are adhered to
  • Entitlements are paid as per contractual arrangements
  • Company property is returned
  • Required documentation is kept for seven years

HMC can assist with managing this process for your organisation by providing independent, personalised advice on how best to handle terminations or redundancies to minimise undue stress on your business and the employees involved.

We can also assist with facilitating and capturing employee feedback through exit interviews to provide your business with valuable insights and feedback on workplace sentiment and organisational culture.